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Do you know how many people have keys to your property? Existing occupiers / tenants / homeowners? Family members? Tradespeople? Try and keep a list of the number of keys in existent and who would have a key to your home.

Also, if you have just moved house any safety and security conscious locksmith would recommend having the locks changed, this would then eliminate any risk of rogue keys being in existence.

There are a few different types of keys and key solutions that you could opt for to increase key security for your home.

  • Patented Keys (Keys that can not be copied)
  • Restricted Keys (Keys that are difficult to copy)
  • Keyed alike (One key fits all)

Patented Keys

These keys require proof of ownership in order to be copied with some patented key systems requiring a particular card to be presented to a locksmith and without it your key will not be able to be cut.

Restricted Keys 

These keys can be difficult to copy as they have a unique design as well as being a restriction of availability of key blanks for this design.

Keyed alike

One key to fit all locks so your front door, back door (basically every lock in your home). The advantage of this key is that one key for all locks which is convenient but if you lose this key it can prevent alternative methods of gaining access to your property and you would be in a lock out situation and requiring a locksmith. So a spare is advised but be mindful of where and who to trust this spare with.

Window Security

As well as doors, windows can be a big security flaw that burglars are only too aware of. So it is advised that all windows whether upstairs or downstairs have at least one key lock. Some insurance policies require this to be the case so it’s always worth checking the requirements of your insurance policy for your own peace of mind.

There are a few ways to ensure your windows are secure and safe:

  • Window Restrictors
  • Window Grillers & Bars
  • Reinforced Glass / Security Film

Window restrictors

These are devices that prevent a window from being fully opened. These are considered more of a safety item as opposed to a security measure. Their purpose is to stop people from falling out of windows and do not offer the level of security required to stop somebody from using a window to gain entry.

Window Grilles and Bars

Grilles or bars are excellent ways of increasing window security as they will prevent intruders gaining access even if they manage to open the window.

Reinforced Glass / Security Film 

An effective way of increasing window security is by reinforcing the glass in the window or apply a security film as these will help defend against direct attacks on the glass.


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