Home Security Tips for Students

If you are a student or a parent of a student it’s important to be aware of security and safety.Home Security Tips for Students by Southampton Locksmiths Black Dog

Black Dog Locksmiths Southampton have a number of years experience and unfortunately have had to be called in for burglar repairs. Home and lock security is something to be vigilant with and wherever possible a pro-active approach can go a long way. Below are some home security tips for students and even homeowners in general

Home Security Tips for students in halls of residence:

  • Ask for info on the locking system(s). Also, key duplication can be a common issue so it’s worth checking how key duplication is monitored, recorded etc.
  • It’s worth making a list of your valuables particularly higher value items such as electronics (i.e laptop/computer, portables, iPad). You may want to note serial numbers and consider ‘identity marking’.

When opening a door be mindful or ‘tailgating’ which is where others can enter with you or immediately after.

Security Tips & Advice for students in private accommodation:

  • Check the quality of locks that are on both the main door to the property and the bedroom door. Speak to your landlord if there is a concern over the security and reliability of the locks including any exterior security flaws or weakenesses.
  • Inspect doors and windows to make sure appropriate locks are fitted, are in good condition and meet insurance requirements. (Check out confused.com for more info on insurance and locks)
  • Be sure to keep valuable items out of sight, away from doors or windows, and remember to lock rooms whenever they’re not in use.
  • Hiding a key under the doormat or in a flower pot are habits that criminals know all too well so try and avoid doing this. An alternative is to consider investing in a keysafe.
  • Double check that the property meets Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) regulations which apply to homes with at least three tenants who share the toilet, bathroom or kitchen facilities.
  • A surprising and large percentage of student theft is made up of ‘walk in’ theft; which basically means a burglar has gained access through open doors so students/home owners should be vigilant and not forget that simply closing a door doesn’t necessarily mean it’s locked! Particularly with the summer coming up there is a temptation to sunbathe and leave the doors open. If you are listening to your iPod it can be easy to doze or be unaware of what is going on around you so be extra careful to avoid this situation.
  • Student holidays can mean that a room or even the whole property is left unoccupied for a number of days / weeks. Therefore, it’s advisable that valuables are either removed from the property or taken out of view. If you have a trusted family member or friend who can check on the house  whilst away, leave a key with them. However, in a shared situation it is important that all occupants are made aware of anyone else who holds a key whether that is temporary or on an on-going basis.

We hope you’ve found the above useful, below is a nice interactive graphic by The Safe Shop, you can follow them on Twitter @TheSafeShop #BeatTheBurglar


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