Burglary Prevention Advice & Crime Prevention Tips for you Home!

Crime Prevention & Burglary Prevention Advice

Burglary is a serious issue and doesn’t discriminate wherever you may live. Therefore, it’s very important to remain diligent with crime prevention and to listen to burglary prevention advice.

As a professional Locksmiths in Southampton, home security is an important aspect of what we do. Unfortunately, the aftermath of burglaries and break ins are a part of what we have to deal with. However, with years of locksmithing experience Black Dog Locksmiths is armed with lots of pro-active tips and crime prevention advice.

The MET Police have put together a comprehensive section on their website regarding Crime Prevention for your home, including a virtual house tour jam packed with hot tips.

Crime Prevention Advice breaks down into the following areas:

  • Security Alarms
  • Windows
  • Flats & Apartments
  • Doors
  • Leaving your Home
  • Lighting
  • Sheds & Outbuildings

The Metropolitan Police Service have put together a virtual home tour. This was developed to help people identify and spot areas in their home that may be vulnerable or at risk to burglars. It is always a good thing to be aware of best practices to help you to make your home a safer and securer place for you, your partner, family and pets.

Click on the graphic below to check out the Virtual House Tour, developed by The Metropolitan Police and feel free to follow them on Twitter @metpoliceuk

 burglary prevention advice



Doors & Windows Security Advice | Get a Professional Locksmith to check today!

Doors and windows are the main entry and exit routes for most burglars, therefore it is crucially important that we all know what the safest kinds of doors and locking systems are. Locksmiths are expert in this area and at Black Dog Locksmiths we can not emphasise enough the benefit of being pro-active and if in doubt and door or window security, do not hesitate to get in touch and allow us to conduct a free home safety review.

If you replace doors, ensure that they have been tested to withstand attack and meet one of the following standards: PAS 24:2012, STS 201 or LPS 1175 SR2.

Black Dog Locksmiths have covered this area in another news post, click here to read more

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