Locksmith Services & Technical Info

With so many Locksmiths in Southampton, it’s important to choose the right locksmith at Black Dog Locksmiths we are confident in the service we offer and why you should choose us.

In addition to free quotations and estimates, Black Dog Locksmiths offer the following:

  • Friendly, professional and always neat & tidy
  • Domestic & Commercial
  • 24 hour call-out
  • No call-out charge
  • Low cost, transparent, prices
  • Locks supplied and fitted to BS3621 with Kitemark
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  • Full range of locksmith services
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Our range of locksmith services include the following:

  • Emergency door opening
  • Non-destructive methods
  • Locks and handles repaired or replaced
  • Lock and security upgrades
  • UPVC specialist
  • Burglar repairs and re-securing a property after break-in
  • Key Safes supplied and fitted
  • Locks for commercial aluminium doors fitted


Types of locks and latches…

There are a huge variety of door locks available, the best choice will be dependent on the type and material of door, it’s location and the level of security you require.

Multi-point mechanisms (UPVC and Composite doors)

They have evolved over time and include numerous variants with roller cams, hooks and deadbolts or a combination of all three. These are most commonly found in UPVC and composite doors whether they are your front door, back door or french patio doors. Usually of the lift handle type some of the older mechanisms are key to lock which involves turning the key several times to throw the bolts. All multi-point mechanism work in conjunction with a euro cylinder. Gearboxes are available for most mechs, changing just this part rather than the entire mech can make a repair quicker and costs less.

Euro profile cylinder (PVCu & composite doors)

A euro cylinder forms an integral part of many types of lock, frequently with multi-point locks used on PVCu & composite doors and also with some mortice locks used on timber doors. Euro cylinders can quickly be replaced giving an easy way to ‘change the locks’. Euro cylinders are available in a variety of different lengths and levels of security.

There are three basic types of euro cylinder:

Single or Half Cylinder – Euro profile single cylinders offer key access from one side only, mostly found on garage doors.
Double Cylinder – Euro profile double cylinders offer key access from both sides of the door.
Double Cylinder with Thumbturn – Euro profile Thumbturn cylinders offer key access from one side and a thumbturn from the other side of the door meaning to key is required to unlock from the inside.

Oval cylinder

Less commonly found, these are also available as single, double or thumbturn versions as with Euro cylinders.

Scandinavian Oval cylinder

Similar looking to normal oval cylinders, these come in two types as external and internal cylinders.

Rim cylinder (wooden doors)

A rim cylinder is a surface mounted key turning mechanism that works with a brass barrel that fits in a hole drilled through the door, which is connected to a nightlatch. A rim cylinder is always used in conjunction with a nightlatch. It allows you to open the front door from the outside using a key, which turns the latch on the inside. New nightlatches usually come complete with a rim cylinder, but replacement rim cylinders are available on their own.

Mortice deadlock (wooden doors)

Frequently called a Chubb Lock and morticed, meaning fitted within a recess in the edge of the door; a deadlock is typically used on front doors in conjunction with a nightlatch and has a deadbolt operated by a key. The deadlock is usually fitted at about waist height in the door and gives additional security, allowing you to lock the door from both sides. Insurance companies will require a 5-Lever deadlock manufactured to BS3621 British Standards, showing a kitemark on the forend.

Mortice sashlock (wooden doors)

A mortice sashlock combines a deadbolt and a handle operated latch; typically used on back doors of domestic properties. Sashlocks come with different internal components ranging from 2 lever, 3 lever and the more secure, 5 lever; the latter of which are also available made to British Standard BS3621 and are compliant with insurance companies. The 2 or 3 lever locks are most suited to internal doors only.

Nightlatch (wooden doors)

A nightlatch is used to secure front doors or other external entrance doors. Commonly called a Yale Lock, it is mounted on the inside of the door at about shoulder height and has a latch mechanism similar to those used on internal doors to keep the door closed. The latch is spring loaded and withdraws into the casing as you turn the knob to allow you to open the door, but you can close the door by simply pushing it into the frame – a sort of ‘slam to lock’. A rim cylinder has to be fitted to the outside of the door, which attaches to the nightlatch through a hole in the door. Turning a key in the cylinder operates the latch, allowing you to open the door from the outside. A mortice deadlock should also be fitted to the door for added security.

Patio door locks

Most sliding patio doors use a euro cylinder and are now designed with integral multi-point locking and anti-lift devices. It is also advised to add a pair of key operated surface-mounted locks at the top and bottom of the door.


A multitude of camlocks are available in various different sizes and can be found in office furniture, cabinets and postboxes.

Key Safes

Key safes are very popular nowadays with people having a home visit from carers or anyone trying to reduce their chance of getting locked out. A key safe is a compact combination safe just large enough to keep a small set of keys in and are bolted in place on a brick wall or wooden post.

Garage door locks

Many different types are avaiable, most modern garage doors use a Half-Euro Cylinder but the T-Handle type is still very popular; additional bolts can also be fitted which vastly increase security and look neat aswell.


Mechanical or electronic, digital push button locks are useful in places where a door or gate needs to be secure but many people need access through it; they are also useful in commercial premises where quick access is required without having to find or carry a bunch of keys. Codes can be changed to suit your needs.

Panic hardwear

A requirement by law of fire escapes in commercial premises; they allow fast exit from a building without the need of a key. Panic bars, pads or sashlock style fire escape locks are available and can be fitted with external devices which allow entry from outside with the use of a key.

Tubular latch

Handle operated and spring loaded, these hold the door in place when shut and are found on most internal doors.

Door chain

Generally fitted to a wooden door but can quite often be fitted to other types of door; a chain stops an unwanted caller from forcing entry into your home as you open the door and can give you added peace of mind. It restricts the door opening to just a few inches, so you’ll be able to see who is at your door before opening it fully.